The life afloat – a waterfront view

The life afloat – a waterfront view

Have you ever thought about owning a boat, and getting afloat? Here at Hartford Marina, we can help you to Step off the Earth for a While.

Staring with the basics, why not visit Hartford Marina and take a look around. See our contact panel at the foot of this page for more details. Meantime, starting with the basics here are a few facts about what we do to assure you this could be a change of pace worth making.

Buying your boat may appear to be technical and daunting; but it doesn’t need to be.  We can make it very straightforward for you with our trained, experienced and friendly staff on hand to help you every step of the way.

You can view our boats for sale at Hartford Marina here. And we also have nine other boat sales locations spread across the UK, with boats of all types available. From day launches for short trips with family and friends, to cruisers that can accommodate you for a weekend, a month or for years. Finance is available, as is insurance.

Selling your boat can be just as simple and we offer a service to help you to do just that. Or of course your boat can move with you – it’s literally a moveable asset – with over 2000 miles of inland waterway in the UK, all connected to the Great Ouse and Fenland waters at Hartford Marina. Boat handling is easier, and more fun and relaxing, than you might think. And we can help you with tuition, too.

At Hartford Marina you are close to towns and cities, yet a world away.

You will be welcomed very warmly if you moor your boat at Hartford Marina. With a major redevelopment already well underway, including new pontoon berths and facilities, Hartford Marina is the ideal location to start your boating life. Mooring costs are only £249 per metre, per year. That’s around £331 per month for a 50ft narrowboat, less for a shorter boat. Electricity supply is available on a metered basis, with water, parking, toilets and showers, security gates, and CCTV. A really safe and private, yet tranquil environment. 

But boats don’t have to be just about having fun and relaxing. Why not bring your office aboard, and work afloat? Hartford Marina has WiFi available to all our new pontoon berths. You can connect to the mains electricity supply, plus you have the standby power of your own boat. And a view that few business premises can rival.  

Perhaps the best thing about boats is actually the boaters themselves. 

There are small ships, there are tall ships, there are ships that sail the sea; but the best ships are friendships, and may they ever be

The friendships made amongst boaters can be meaningful, fulfilling, and long-lasting.

Wake up to a better outlook at Hartford Marina.